Consumer Protection

Protect Yourself from Fraud
Only use Western Union for sending money to friends and family. You should NOT proceed with your transaction if it’s:

  • to a grandchild, friend or family member for an emergency situation you have not personally confirme
  • to someone you personally don’t know or have met online
  • for an internet purchase
  • for an employment opportunity or mystery shopping
  • to claim lottery or prize winnings
  • for a rental property
  • for a credit card or loan fee
  • from a check deposited in your account until it clears which can take weeks

Remember, a money transfer can be paid out to the receiver within a short time and after the money is paid, you cannot obtain a refund from Western Union, even if the transfer was the result of fraud.

If you believe you may be a victim of fraud, ask the sales clerk to stop your transaction immediately or call the Western Union Fraud Hotline number at: 0800 026 030.